Protecting the marine environment

Since 1994, more than 600 turtles have been rescued and returned to the sea and more than 400 cetaceans have been treated.

Help us to rescue these animals, to recover them and to bring them back into their habitat!

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Rescue and assistance to marine fauna


Hundreds of dolphins, turtles and seabirds appear along the entire coastline with some injuries or diseases, mostly caused by human interaction. Pollution, toxic spills, or accidental capture in the different fishing gears, are some of the threats that endanger these animals.


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Rescue and assistance to marine fauna

The CRAM Foundationis an entity dedicated to the protection of the marine environment and the species that inhabit it. To the foundation’s actions belong the clinic and rescue of marine fauna, the research and conservation of marine species and ecosystems, and the awareness in favour of the conservation of our seas and oceans.

The CRAM has prepared a recovery centre especially for assistance to marine species. It also owns a scientific sailboat dedicated to the exploration of the marine environment.

From the centre, an uninterrupted marine fauna assistance service is offered, which increases the chances of survival of the threatened marine species that appear on the Catalan coast.


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Rescue the animals recover them and reintroduce them into their habitat as soon as possible.

Offer adequate veterinary assistance and facilitate the daily management of our patients.

Achieve greater immediacy in rescues and assistance through a network of trained volunteers distributed along the coast.

  • Rescue and assistance for threatened marine fauna (sea turtles, cetaceans and seabirds) that appear with injuries or pathologies 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.
  • Recovery of threatened marine fauna species (marine turtles, cetaceans and marine birds). Diagnosis, treatment and intensive care until its reintroduction into the marine environment.
  • Resettlement of endangered and recovered marine fauna (sea turtles, cetaceans and sea birds) in their natural habitat.

Sea turtles, dolphins, birds and other marine animals will be treated at the CRAM clinic for recovery.